Career Counseling 

One of our main focuses here at Cleveland Builds is helping our workforce develop strong, sustainable career pathways to family-sustaining jobs. Our team members work one-on-one with individuals to help guide them on the path that best suits them.

Career Exploration 

There are dozens of skilled trades in the construction sector, and the jobs that require these skills are in high demand with high wages. Cleveland Builds will help you explore current and future career opportunities in construction and other skilled trades.

Hands-On Learning 

By working closely with leaders from management and labor, Cleveland Builds provides industry-led training programs that specialize in hands-on learning. These programs train individuals on the skills employers demand from their workforce.

Apprenticeship Readiness 

Registered Apprenticeships offer opportunities to earn a salary while learning the skills necessary to succeed in high-demand careers. Not only does Cleveland Builds work with industry leaders to create more of these opportunities, we help individuals reach out and achieve them.

Recruitment Opportunities 

Due to our relationships within the industry, employers reach out to Cleveland Builds to recruit our participants for employment because they recognize the quality of these individuals and the training they receive.

Soft Skills Development 

In addition to the job-specific training programs designed in partnership with industry leaders, Cleveland Builds’ participants have the opportunity to learn soft skills, including interview techniques, conflict management, team building, communication, and leadership expertise.

Youth Programs 

Careers in construction provide youth with the opportunity to earn stable, family-supporting wages without a traditional four-year degree. Cleveland Builds provides opportunities for youth to explore these career pathways and develop the skills and experience needed to succeed in high-demand jobs.


If you are looking for a career change or a fulfilling, family-supporting job, you need to attend one of our information sessions! If you are a serious candidate who is interested in enrolling into our programs, but do not meet the minimal requirements, you may qualify for a referral to receive targeted assistance. Please bring ID/driver’s license and proof of graduation (if a graduate) when you attend. If you do not have these materials or arrive late, you may be asked to reschedule.


The construction industry has many great pathways to family-sustaining careers. Boasting high wages and low entry-level skill requirements, careers in construction provide a great opportunity to earn a comfortable living, support a family, and attain a better overall quality of life. Cleveland Builds is dedicated to increasing the number of women and minorities employed in the construction industry while helping employers meet their workforce needs. By working directly with employers, labor leaders, and industry associations, Cleveland Builds offers a variety of services to help develop a more diverse, qualified, and dependable workforce—now and into the future.

Skilled Trade Opportunities 

Interested in pursuing opportunities in construction but don’t know what career pathway is right for you? The skilled trades offer many great career opportunities, and Registered Apprenticeships provide the pathways into family-sustaining careers. With the help of Cleveland Builds, you can learn how to be successful in apprenticeship programs for the career of your choice.

Apprenticeship Readiness Programs

Through our industry-led model, Cleveland Builds works with hundreds of employers to offer training opportunities that prepare you for success in the career of your choice.

Training Programs & Certifications

Cleveland Builds works directly with employers and unions to develop training programs that meet regional workforce needs. We strive to satisfy the specific and timely needs of the construction industry, and our courses are customized based on employer and project needs. These courses include valuable industry-recognized certifications. Courses are developed and facilitated in partnership with labor and contractors.


Cleveland Builds’ mission is to enhance the ability of private sector organizations to recruit and develop a more diverse, qualified workforce in construction and other emerging sectors of the regional economy. Let’s get to work; contact us today.