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In the construction industry, glaziers are responsible for the sizing, cutting, fitting, and setting of all glass products into openings of all kinds. Basically, glaziers perform two types of glass settings. The first and most common is the installation of glass in windows and doors. The second type of glass work is the installation of structural glass. This type of glass is used as decoration for ceilings, walls, building fronts, and partitions.

Working Conditions

Glaziers sometimes work alone on small jobs, but usually they work in crews on larger jobs where it takes several glaziers to carry, position, and set the huge pieces of glass. There is much lifting, carrying, and climbing.

Aptitude and Interest

Glaziers should be patient and careful workers. Good manual dexterity and the ability to align things by eye are also important assets.


To become a skilled glazier, training is essential. It can be acquired informally through “learning-by-working,” company on-the-job training programs, trade or vocational/technical schools, unilaterally (management or labor) sponsored trainee programs, registered labor-management apprenticeship programs, or a combination of the above. It is generally accepted that the more formalized training programs give more comprehensive skill training. Recommended high school courses include general mathematics, blueprint reading, and general shop.

Wage Rates (as of August 2023)

Hourly Wage: $33.97
Annual Earnings (assuming 1800 hours): $61,146
+ Healthcare Coverage
+ Retirement Plan

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