Cleveland Builds Union Construction Readiness Program connects union contractors with motivated entry-level candidates who are ready to get to work.


Cleveland Builds is a workforce intermediary designed to help contractors and trade unions improve worksite quality in a variety of industries by providing socially responsible and responsive training and staffing services. Our practices and processes are all designed to meet the needs of employers identified through industry needs assessments. 

Our training initiatives provide career candidates and local union contractors stability, success, and longevity, opening up quality benefits to Clevelanders.

For help connecting to motivated, work-ready candidates, call or email us at (216) 236-4062 or

Our training initiatives provide thorough assessments through a number of skills and career development programs both for those individuals just entering the workforce and those interested in changing fields. Candidates with existing skills and experience can feel confident that our services and programs will place them in a position in which they can utilize their skills and continue to grow in their fields of expertise. For information on training programs and employment opportunities please contact us at: (216) 236-4062 or email us at

We provide entry-level and experienced workers with access to great career opportunities by merging the best interests of the worker with the best interests of the worksite and creating a sustainable, well-trained workforce. Our programs offer candidates many benefits, including:

  • Living wages and career pathway development

  • Advancement for employees with specific skills

  • Consistent employment in seasonal work environments

  • Linking new employees to union membership

  • Opportunities for retirees to work and supplement their retirement income

Cleveland Builds connects motivated Clevelanders with career opportunities in construction where hard work and determination are rewarded. Our Union Construction Readiness Program empowers career-seekers to meet the needs of contractors through family-sustaining jobs.


Cleveland Builds es un intermediario de la fuerza laboral sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3 dedicado a informar a los habitantes de Cleveland sobre cómo realizar carreras profesionales en la construcción y prepararlos para el éxito.
Cleveland Builds conecta a los Clevelanders motivados con oportunidades profesionales en la construcción, donde se recompensa el trabajo duro y la determinación. Nuestro Programa de preparación para la construcción sindical permite a los buscadores de carrera satisfacer las necesidades de los contratistas a través de trabajos que sustentan a la familia.
Nuestros programas, iniciativas de capacitación, esfuerzos de reclutamiento y asociaciones mejoran la combinación de candidatos de alta calidad con oportunidades productivas en construcción & amp; los oficios. Nuestros esfuerzos culminan para reforzar nuestras comunidades y economía locales.
Creemos en la colaboración como forma de vida. El desarrollo de asociaciones comunitarias sólidas mejora nuestra capacidad para construir una línea de candidatos diversos y capacitados para pasantías y carreras en la industria de la construcción.